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Our MLP Clients

Our BridgeTax QI Tax Software can calculate the QI treatment for all industry types. Vist us for more information

Monday, January 6, 2014

BridgeTax Qualified Income Software

BridgeTax QI is the ultimate tool to automate, analyze, and report your Qualified Income calculation for Master Limited Partnerships.

Painless Imports

We provide easy tools to import your general ledger and assign Revenue and Cost of Goods Sold accounts to qualified or non-qualified income. It also handles any other streams of revenue you want to include.
Automatic Calculation

BridgeTax QI eliminates the need for manual spreadsheets and complicated formulas that are difficult to maintain. The QI calculation can also be exported into Excel with a single click, facilitating audit and outside counsel review.
Instant Reporting

BridgeTax QI provides real-time reporting capabilities to analyze your QI by account or entity, comparing different periods and projections. It also provides powerful charts for management and informative presentations with a single click.
If you or your tax group is interested, please visit BridgeTax for more features and to set up a demo.